The Zodiac Pet You Should Adopt

Aries and dogs are a perfect match! With their active lifestyle, Aries needs a pup that keeps up with them.Any breed from working, sporting or herding group is ideal.

Aries: Adopt a Big Dog

Taurus will love a cute, social pet like a rabbit. Floppy ears, little hops, and a wiggly nose are irresistible. Rabbits are also trainable and make great cuddly friends.

Taurus: Adopt a Rabbit

Gemini needs a chatty pet, so a bird is a great match. With bright plumage and lively personality, birds provide excellent company and entertainment.

Gemini: Adopt a Bird

Cancer may love a cute crustacean as a pet, like Howie the Crab on TikTok. Freshwater, saltwater, and hermit crabs are sensitive creatures that Cancer can relate to, and building a deep bond is possible.

Cancer: Adopt a Hermit Crab

Leo's big personality matches well with a cat's chattering and head-butting.  A feline counterpart offers affection, entertainment, and craziness.

Leo: Adopt a Cat

Virgo makes the perfect fish pet parent due to their attention to detail and strive for perfection. They'll create a beautiful and relaxing tank environment.

Virgo: Adopt a Fish

Libra will likely prefer a small, designer dog breed that makes them look good, such as a "-doodle" or "-poo". They also enjoy purse-sized mutts and being in a loving relationship.

Libra: Adopt a Small Dog

Scorpios' edgy and transformative vibe matches well with reptilian pets such as snakes, lizards, and frogs, which are effortlessly cool and gentle.

Scorpio: Adopt a Reptile

Sagittarius and horses are a perfect match! As a centaur, this fire sign feels innately connected to these strong and temperamental animals.

Sagittarius: Adopt a Horse

Capricorn and their pet hedgehog are both "prickly but cute"! Despite the challenge of owning a hedgehog, Capricorn's soft side may appreciate their easygoing nature with some effort in building the relationship.

Capricorn: Adopt a Hedgehog

Aquarius is drawn to insects, arachnids, and invertebrates as pets. They find the quirky and exotic appeal adorable, even if others find it weird.

Aquarius: Adopt an Insect

Pisces' love for animals makes it hard to choose, but a guinea pig's wonderful personality and beginner-friendliness make it an excellent option!

Pisces: Adopt a Guinea Pig

The Pet You Should Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign