Discover Your Perfect Pet Based on Your Zodiac

Aries and pigs are a perfect match, both headstrong and needing positive reinforcement.A pig's high intelligence requires lots of social activity.

ARIES: Pot Bellied Pig

Taureans desire loyalty and affection, which are traits that match well with dogs' pack mentality. Dogs fulfill Taurus' needs for care and praise.

Taurus: Dog

Geminis' forgetfulness and lack of caretaking skills make inanimate objects a better choice than warm-blooded pets for companionship.

Gemini: Pet rock

Cancer should tend to a low maintenance succulent, reflecting their defense strategies.  Save strength for human relationships, enjoy plants.

Cancer: Succulent

Leo and Maine Coon: The Perfect Match. Both regal and attention-seeking, they're a match made in heaven - a feline fit for a Leo king!

Leo: Cat

Goats are like Virgos: require space, intelligence, and affection.  Emotional wounds can cause sudden aggression. Both share high standards.

Virgo: Goat

Libras love pretty pets in gilded cages - enter the Amazon parrot! Quick learners and social creatures, they mirror their Libra owners.

Libra: Parrot

Scorpio and snakes share the theme of death and rebirth.  Both maligned for misunderstood reasons. Shedding old skin to become anew.

Scorpio: Snake

Sagittarius and horses share a wild, free spirit. Owning one is like coming home. Plus, horses can party and sleep standing up

Sagittarius: Horse

Capricorn wants tangible benefits in pet care. Backyard chickens provide eggs, tick control, and composting. Practicality at its finest!

Capricorn: Chicken

Aquarians are the zodiac's weirdos, and ferrets, active at dawn and dusk, are the perfect pet match. Both love collecting oddities.

Aquarius: Ferret

Pisces and rabbits share bond-forming tendencies and a love for cuddles. Both need proper handling and socialization to avoid destructive behavior.

Pisces: Rabbit

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