7 Best Dog Parks in Louisville for Your Canine Companion 

Cherokee Park Dog Run

estled within the iconic Cherokee Park, this dog run is a haven for energetic pups.

Barklands at Beckley Creek Park

Beckley Creek Park's Barklands is a paradise for water-loving dogs. This sprawling area features a lake where your pup can splash and swim to their heart's content.

Vettiner Dog Run

Vettiner Dog Run offers a mix of open spaces and wooded trails, making it a perfect spot for both active play and quiet walks

Cochran Hill Dog Run

Situated on the edge of Cherokee Park, Cochran Hill Dog Run provides a serene setting for dogs to frolic and socialize

Charlie Vettiner Park

Charlie Vettiner Park offers a diverse range of activities for both humans and dogs.

Sawyer Dog Park

Sawyer Dog Park is a hidden gem for dog owners. The park features large open spaces for dogs to roam and play fetch, as well as shaded areas for relaxation.