7 Best Dog Parks in Fort Wayne 

Pawster Park

Camp Canine Dog Park offers a unique experience for dogs. With ample space for off-leash adventures, dogs can explore wooded trails, open fields, and even a pond for swimming.

Kettler Dog Park

Nestled within Kettler Park, this dog park offers a peaceful setting for dogs to stretch their legs.

Pawster Beach

Pawster Beach, located within Franke Park, is a paradise for water-loving dogs.

Shoaff Park Dog Park

Shoaff Park Dog Park offers a spacious environment for dogs to play and socialize.

Pawster Run

Another gem within Franke Park, Pawster Run features a trail where dogs can run alongside their owners.

Waynedale Dog Park

Waynedale Dog Park is a welcoming space for dogs to socialize and play. With a focus on providing an open and safe environment, it's a fantastic spot for dogs to make new friends.