5 Best Dog Parks in Long Beach

Rosie's Dog Beach

– Coastal Canine Haven: Delve into the sandy paradise of Rosie's Dog Beach, where dogs can romp freely along the shoreline. – Waves of Joy: Understand how the ocean backdrop and off-leash freedom create an unforgettable experience for water-loving pups.

El Dorado Dog Park

Canine Wonderland: Uncover El Dorado Dog Park's sprawling spaces and separate areas for small and large dogs.

Recreation Dog Park at Recreation Park

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Recreation Dog Park, nestled within the bustling cityscape.

Bixby Dog Park

– Green Retreat: Delve into the serene surroundings of Bixby Dog Park, offering a peaceful escape for both dogs and their humans. – Tranquil Play: Understand how the park's shaded areas and well-maintained environment create a calming space for leisurely play.