10 Ways to Be Confident on Your First Date

Be yourself, share your interests and sense of humor. Take care of yourself and don't try to be perfect. You want someone who wants to date the real you.

Be Yourself

Confidence on a first date starts with knowing what you want. Determine your goals, wait until you're ready, and go for it when the time is right.

Determine your ideal match

Feel confident on your first date by wearing something you love. Choose a collared shirt, eye-catching outfit, or makeup that highlights your features. 

Wear comfortable clothes

Boost your confidence before a date by using affirmations like "I'm beautiful and smart." Remember, the person you're meeting may also be nervous.

Pre-date pep talk

Build self-confidence: acknowledge your strengths, take care of yourself, and don't rely on others. Remember your positive qualities before dates.

Remember your worth

Focus on chemistry, ease, and connection on a first date. Don't just speculate if they like you. They might be wondering the same thing too.

Focus on your feelings 

Avoid playing hard to get or showing immaturity on a first date. Don't wait to express interest, text them the next day and set up another date. Be explicit about wanting to spend more time together.

Go for what you want

Be an enjoyable and well-rounded individual to attract great partners. Pursue your interests and engage in activities, spend time with loved ones, and avoid being too focused on dating.

Stay active outside of dating

Don't ignore red flags like conflicting goals or values. Accepting incompatibility is part of dating. Don't try to change people; date them as is.

Watch out for red flags

Rejection is an opportunity to learn and meet the right person. Don't let it damage your self-esteem; focus on compatibility and positive qualities.

Accept dating rejection

10 First-Date Confidence Tips