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10 Tips On How To Handle Conflicts In A Relationship

Speak honestly and listen actively to each other's concerns to understand the root of the conflict.

Communicate openly

ake ownership of your feelings and express them without blaming the other person. This will lighten the situation and possibly diffuse the fight.

Use "I" statements

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Find a compromise

Work together to find a mutually acceptable solution that meets both parties' needs. Try to compromise more.

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Take a break

Sometimes taking a step back and giving each other space can help defuse tense situations. But make sure you come back.


Don't jump to conclusions about what the other person is thinking or feeling. Ask questions to clarify.

Avoid making assumptions

Avoid using hurtful language or attacking the other person's character. Respect each other s opinions.

Stay respectful

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Seek support

Consider talking to a therapist or mediator to get an objective third-party perspective on the issue.

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Focus on the problem, not the person

Keep the discussion focused on the issue at hand, not attacking the other person. Many couples tend to forget this.


Let go of grudges and focus on moving forward with a clean slate. Grudges cause the relationship to weaken.

Practice forgiveness

Don't let small conflicts overshadow the bigger picture of your relationship. Couples tend to forget this.

Remember the bigger picture

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