10 Most Amazingly Trainable Pet Birds

Macaws are intelligent, talkative, and vibrant pet birds that can be trained to perform various tasks.  They're social and require ample space, but may not suit every household.


African grey parrots, like the famous Alex, are popular for their trainability. They can mimic and converse, even learn colors and counting. 

African Grey Parrots

Amazon parrots are highly trainable and intelligent pets. They have challenging personalities but love attention, toys, and training sessions.

Amazon Parrots

Cockatoos are highly trainable and full of personality, with a distinctive crest that they hold erect for various reasons, even during training activities.


Budgies, the small but mighty parakeets from Australia, can learn up to 200 words and do tricks. They're quiet, affordable, and widely available.


The mynah bird is highly trainable and considered the world's brightest bird.  Although not common, they make intelligent pets with proper care and attention.

Mynah Birds

The cockatiel, often underestimated in its trainability, is a smart and popular bird for those seeking a smaller pet with the ability to mimic and do tricks.


Conures are lively, social, and fast learners among pet birds. While not the best talkers, they can be trained to do tricks and pick up objects with their feet.


Indian ringneck parrots are highly trainable due to their high-pitched voice and neck ring. They start talking around 1 year old and excel in communication and learning various skills.

Indian Ringnecks

Eclectus parrots have striking sexual dimorphism, and are also trainable and excellent communicators.  They easily learn new habits but avoid reinforcing undesired behaviors.


10  of the Easiest Pet Birds to Tame