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10 Calm Pets To Buy In 2023

These small and gentle rodents are easy to care for and enjoy spending time with their owners. However they are very tiny so be carefull.

Guinea pigs

As low-maintenance pets, goldfish are great for those who want a peaceful and calming presence in their home.


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Bearded dragons

These docile reptiles make great pets for those who enjoy observing their quiet and calm demeanor.

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Though not for everyone, some people find tarantulas to be calming and relaxing pets due to their slow and deliberate movements.


While not traditionally thought of as calming pets, some snake species can make great low-maintenance companions.


These small and fascinating creatures can provide a calming and meditative presence in any home.

Hermit crabs

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These gentle and quiet pets make great companions for those who want a calming presence in their home.

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These aquatic creatures are known for their calm and peaceful nature, making them a great addition to any home aquarium.


Known for their independent and laid-back nature, cats can provide a calming presence for their owners.


These slow-moving reptiles are quiet and low-maintenance pets that can provide a calming and relaxing presence in any home.


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