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At Uturn BBQ we’re all about keeping things simple:

Good Food: Our BBQ originals made in house with premium, fresh ingredients.

Cold Beer: Handcrafted Light or Dark beers brewed and canned on premise.

Convenience: Our BBQ & our beers are available in the comfort of our dining room or the convenience of our drive-thru.


You heard right, quality BBQ & Beer, available drive-thru!

Our Food

Whether it’s Texas Brisket, Carolina Pork, Southern Chicken, or Kansas Ribs: Our menu offers the best regional examples of American BBQ …Of course, we put out own little turn on the classic recipes.

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We brew, can, & keg our very own beer at Uturn.

Simple. Cold. Good.

Our originals: Both our Kolsch-style Ale and our American-style Stout are based on the original Kolsch yeast strain brewed in Cologne, Germany since 1906 and designed to perfectly pair with your Uturn BBQ. Every batch is meticulously hand-crafted by our in-house, Masterbrewer Jeff McDonald in order to make sure your beer offers the same delicious experience, every time.

The New Kids on the Block: We’ve heard you, and we’re expanding our beer selection! We’ve recently added a very sessionable I.P.A. in addition to an Oktoberfest, Stay tuned as we release more styles leading up to our participation in the Great American Beer Festival. Cheers!

LIGHT- Kolsch-style Ale 5.0%, DARK- American-style Stout 5.9%